Recycled Plastic Products to Save Our Planet

Various reclaimed plastics products can help  to  address the over supply of plastic waste and ocean pollution, some current and hopeful solutions…


Wind and solar farms can make their own weather, including extra rain over the Sahara

But wait…it’s  complicated. Follow the link…



For the past five years, Moseley Architects has been collecting used binders and other supplies that could be used by teachers such as carpet samples, and donating them to Chesterfield County Public Schools’ Crayons to Computers store. Binders in particular are in high demand by teachers, and are among the more expensive school supply items.  The Crayons to Computers program collects community donations and makes them available to teachers at a storefront location where they can “shop” for free items for their classrooms.  Moseley Architects has donated hundreds of binders and other items over the years.

Climate Resilience Toolkit.

The US Climate Resilience Toolkit offer a variety of resources, tools and case studies to explore potential impacts with a regional focus. Click through to the 3 minute video intro to see an overview on what resources are available.



2016 – Year of Cheap Renewables

We have a tendency to still think about renewables as a fringe market, yet green energy has entered the mainstream in an understated, yet surprising way. In 2015, investment in renewables was almost twice as high as an investment in oil and gas and there are some startling successes you have probably never heard about.  Give it a read below: